The teachers at The Park Preschool will foster each child’s independent thinking skills and thus help the children become self-confident as they become sensitive to the world around them. We give them freedom, let them try, let them fail, encourage them, let them succeed, and rejoice with them!

In our mixed age group setting (2-3.8 years old and 3.9-5 years old), the younger children model appropriate social and academic strategies by watching their older peers. Mixed age groups of two through five year olds learn how to care, help, work, play and cooperate with each other. Children learn from one another as they interact in a school setting. Their social and intellectual development is enhanced by this method of age grouping. The older children help the younger ones with various problems and activities which allows the younger children to become more independent and not to rely totally on adults. The older children learn to be patient and tolerant of others, especially as the younger children learn accepted social behaviors. Older children reinforce (emerging) concepts they have learned or are developing by teaching their peers. Younger children model appropriate social and academic strategies by watching their older peers. Learning in a mixed age group stimulates greater interest and encourages cooperation. The younger children learn through observation of the older children. The older student also has the opportunity to become a leader and reinforce their knowledge as they help their younger friends. Mixed age groups enhance both younger and older children’s motivation and self confidence. This legacy of responsibility and helping others is the focal point of the mixed age-group setting.

Our age appropriate social atmosphere allows the children to feel comfortable and secure. We focus on personal development and let each child learn and discover at his or her own pace. Learning becomes a positive experience. The children can participate in the various activity centers in their classes. For example, children can read in the library area, paint in the art area, build a beautiful structure of blocks, work with puzzles in the language arts area, observe and categorize shells in the science center or become firefighters or teachers in the dramatic play area. At The Park Preschool a child can be a child, the learning process happens naturally.

All children possess great creative potential. They are curious by nature. They learn best by experience, as adults do and benefit the most when given the opportunity to experiment, discover and express their original ideas in a free and open environment. Personal triumphs of each individual are highly cherished. Like Piaget, the teachers here believe that children “think by doing.” At The Park Preschool  children learn by playing. Play is their work.

The Park Preschool encourages the involvement of the family unit in school. On occasion, a family member can be found cooking, reading or teaching a special class to the children. This type of commitment on the part of the families is wonderful. It promotes open communication between the families and the teachers and is essential to our school’s continuous development.

Our goal at The Park Preschool is to address diversity in the least restrictive environment, creating an inclusive setting that helps all children become self-confident individuals. Within our supportive environment your child can acquire a solid sense of security, a positive self-image and a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

We look forward to working with you and your child in this endeavor!